LK's Braai Cleaner


LK's Braai Cleaner

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Welcome to LK's, your premier destination for top-tier grilling solutions. Explore our Braai Cleaner & Free Sponge (300ml) – a dynamic duo meticulously crafted to simplify your grilling maintenance.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Trigger Design: Our Braai Cleaner features a high-quality trigger design, ensuring an even and efficient spray for thorough cleaning.

  • Heavy-Duty Scouring Sponge: Included with the cleaner is a heavy-duty scouring sponge, designed to tackle tough grime and residue for a spotless grilling surface.

  • Ample 300ml Capacity: With a generous 300ml capacity, our Braai Cleaner provides ample solution for extended use, ensuring your grilling equipment stays in top condition.

  • Nationwide Delivery: Avail yourself of the convenience of R150 Nationwide Delivery, ensuring your LK's Braai Cleaner & Free Sponge reaches you wherever you are.

Elevate your grilling maintenance routine with LK's Braai Cleaner & Free Sponge – where quality meets convenience. Order now for a hassle-free cleaning experience, delivered straight to your door!